Dialogue with Power Companies


Dialogue with Power Companies

Highlights of the Dialogue with power companies

s “Three discussions have been organized between the IDB and OLADE, the objective of which is to work on regional strategies to promote a sustainable recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean”

“In this dialogue, power companies will be the key actors and potential catalysts for the sustainable recovery of Latin America and the Caribbean ”

“For us it was a fundamental element, to have included as part of these panels, approaching leadership from a gender perspective, for which we celebrate that two important companies in the sector are today being led by successful professional women, which shows that we are achieving some progress in gender equality in our region, despite the fact that we still have a lot to do in this regard”.

“In Costa Rica we visualize sources of employment through the maintenance and modernization of the plants. We need to increase their useful life. We also highlight the role of digitization in the sector to increase the efficiency and diversification of the service”.

“Electricity is vital for a country to prosper. We have to guarantee this service, but the price is also essential “ 

“Digitization is essential to be able to balance demand and make the electricity system more flexible.”

“In Uruguay we will be improving investment in transmission and distribution networks and in everything that has to do with digitization. We plan to invest around US$ 40 million in transmission ”.

“Chile today goes hand in hand with the sun and the wind and has all the capacity to become an energy powerhouse. It is also important that we modernize the regulations in the sector ”.





“We highlight the role of the prosumer in the transformation of the energy matrix. Decentralization must be accompanied by an adequate regulatory framework”.


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