The Permanent Secretariat, by using a technology platform that allows interaction between teachers and students in a virtual classroom, annually holds the Virtual Training Program, aiming to strengthen and update the knowledge of specialists countries in the energy field.

Some of the advantages obtained through the use of this technology platform are:

  • Reduce transportation, mobilization, lodging and other costs involving the movement of professionals between institutions and between countries.
  • Increase the number of trained participants.
  • Maintaining a constant training in different areas of the energy sector.


Online training courses are mainly aimed to officials of the Ministries and Departments of Energy of the 27 OLADE's Member Countries. For this group, the courses are for free.

The virtual training can also be attended by professionals in public institutions unrelated to energy, private companies, universities, associations, international organizations and other private stakeholders in the energy sector    For this group the cost of each course is $ 140, the payment must be made through the payment procedure .

The establishment of cooperation agreements with organizations, universities or other institutions is another option of free access to online courses. For this option, interested parties should make contact with the training staff.


Participants can register for the course through the Virtual Classroom platform, which is in the following link: .   If the participant already has an account, he/she must enter their username and password. New users will have to fill out a registration form.   You must then choose the "ONLINE " category.


Online courses last 10 hours. 2 or 3 weekly sessions of one hour each will usually be taught in the morning schedule. Participants and Instructor will login to virtual meetings via links, which are posted on the Virtual Classroom in the corresponding session. For each virtual sessions, participants must use a different link.

Virtual Classroom ( )

It is the virtual site where the academic material is available to the participants.   The presentations of used by the instructor in virtual sessions, recordings of meetings, evaluation questionnaires and forums proposed by the Instructor are a core part of the class material. To log into the virtual classroom, participants should use the user and password created at the time of enrollment in the course.

Virtual Certificate

A participant can get the Virtual Certificate course if he/she meets the following requirements:

  • Make at least 2 academic contributions at each forum proposed by the instructor, who will assign a grade to this activity.
  • Completion of questionnaires, with an average grade of at least 8 points.
  • The average participation in forums and questionnaires resolution should be at least 8.

Participants who pass the course will be able to download their certificate in the Virtual Classroom platform, which contains an authentication code and warranty by OLADE.


Paola Carrera

Information Management and Training Coordinator

Lourdes Pillajo

Training Specialist