Directive Committee

It is the directive, monitoring, analysis and assessment body of the programs, policies and strategies of the Organization. The CODI is in charge of monitoring the execution of the Triennial Plan of the Permanent Secretariat, the Annual Operative Plan and other functions delegated by the Meeting of Ministers. It is integrated by delegates of Member Countries elected by the Meeting of Ministers.

Prior to the revision of the Council of Experts and the approval of the Meeting of Ministers, its major functions are the analysis and recommendation, of: work plans, budgets, contributions from Member Countries, activity reports, balance sheets and financial statements, external audit selection and their reports, applications of candidates for Participating Country as well as the draft of policy and regulatory amendments of OLADE.

It approves the organizational structure and the headquarters of the Permanent Secretary. It knows, reviews and approves programs and projects of the Organization, international cooperation agreements, loans and contracts whose amount exceeds 25% of the annual budget. It is acquainted of, and gives opinion on official missions of the Permanent Secretariat staff.

Ordinary meetings are held twice a year and extraordinary meetings are held when circumstances call for it. A virtual meeting can be convened in exceptional circumstances.

The XLV Meeting of Ministers, pursuant to the provisions of the General Bylaws of OLADE (Articles 11, 34, 38 and 63), approved the Directive Committee, integrated as follows:


  • South America::
    • Argentina
    • Plurinational State of Bolivia
    • Colombia
    • Ecuador
  • Central America and Mexico::
    • El Salvador
    • Mexico
    • Nicaragua
    • Panama
  • The Caribbean::
    • Barbados
    • Cuba
    • Dominican Republic
    • Trinidad & Tobago

The Meeting of Ministers appointed Plurinational State of Bolivia as President of the CODI.